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Naturally grown taiwanese Tea and Coffee Supplier

MinInTing recommended Taiwan Oolong Tea and Cinnamon Roasted Coffee Beans from the natural farming method of cultivation, and not transitional processing, preserving the natural taste of food. Recommend natural and healthy good ingredients to enjoy the natural aroma and multi-level taste.


Semi-fermented Tea - Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is Taiwan's most distinctive tea products, the appearance of dark green color, bright golden color, rich aroma, rich mellow taste, after the drink aftertaste, is the aroma and taste of tea...Read More


Whole fermentation - Black Tea

Basically, all tea varieties can be made into Black Tea, the most commonly used tea varieties in Taiwan are Taicha No. 8, Taicha No. 18, Taicha No. 21, and Oolong and Chin-Shin Gan Zai. Black tea is generally stronger in flavour than the less oxidized teas....Read More

推薦淺焙咖啡-coffee- кофе

Cinnamon Roast Coffee

The cinnamon roast method can completely show the quality of the coffee beans, and it can test whether the baker's technique can bake the most suitable flavor for the beans. Deep-baked beans(full city roast ) will mask and destroy the original flavor of coffee because of the bitterness of the coke, and vice versa...Read More

About: MinInTing Taiwan | naturally grown Oolong Tea and Cinnamon Roast Coffee

The coffee trees and tea trees planted from natural agricultural methods are less chemically polluted, and the production after picking is not processed to preserve the natural flavor of the food.

What is Natural Agriculture?
It refers to the use of "natural" in the absence of fertilizers and pesticides (herbicides) to imitate natural farming practices. The term "natural" is used to distinguish it from conventional farming practices in fertilization and pesticide application. Natural farming laws are not new farming methods. Instead, they have returned to the invention of pesticides and fertilizers. Farmers have emerged from the truth that nature continues to thrive.

The main recommendations of tea are: Taiwan Oolong tea series (Oolong tea; Roasted Oolong tea ; Oriental Beauty Tea/White Tipped Oolong Tea) and the whole fermentation series of Black Tea. 。

Teamakers with unique experience from rubbing to brewing focus on the pure flavor of the brewed tea, allowing you to taste the tea taste that is not the same as the impression.

The Cinnamon Roast method can completely show the quality of the coffee beans, and it can test whether the baker's technique can bake the most suitable flavor for the beans. On the other hand, shallow roasted coffee retains more natural organic matter, such as chlorogenic acid, which is beneficial to the body's metabolism. The Cinnamon Roast coffee tastes fruity and sour, which is not the same as the usual medium-bake or heavy-brewed coffee.

Take a drink - the other terroir drink

Moderate drinking of tea and coffee contributes to our physical health. Scientific research indicates that both tea polyphenols in tea and chlorogenic acid in coffee contribute to body health and body care. The tea and coffee recommended by Lu Yin Ting are from pure land and are planted with natural farming methods to give you a friendly drink.

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